How To Get Rid of Laugh Lines

Facial skin rejuvenation in Amman, Jordan

Laugh lines are symbols of life’s happiest memories. But as they deepen over time, these pesky creases may make you look older or sadder than you really are. There is no harm in wanting to minimize the wrinkles and age more gracefully. Dr. Mohammed Alghoul offers treatments to help you do just that.

What Causes Laugh Lines?

First, let’s establish why laugh lines develop. Laugh lines and smile lines are phrases that describe wrinkles and indentations that form around the nose, mouth and/or the eyes.

Some laugh lines and smile lines are categorized as “dynamic wrinkles,” meaning they form from repeated facial movements. When you smile or laugh, specific facial muscles contract, and over time, those repeated contractions cause permanent creases to form in the overlying skin.

Other laugh lines and smile lines are “static wrinkles,” and are noticeable even when the face is at rest. Static wrinkles are the result of the unavoidable aging process. With age, the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin slows, and the skin loses its soft and firm quality. Other factors, such as genetics, smoking or excessive UV exposure, play a role in the development of static wrinkles.

For many people, prominent laugh lines or smile lines are no laughing matter. If you are bothered by deep lines around your nose, mouth and/or eyes, Dr. Alghoul can help.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Laugh Lines

Dr. Alghoul commonly uses Botox and fillers to treat laugh lines and smile lines without surgery. Botox is designed for dynamic wrinkles, as it temporarily relaxes targeted facial muscles to minimize the overlying crease or wrinkle. Fillers are ideal for static wrinkles, as they restore volume and support underneath the skin, making deeper folds and creases less noticeable.

Another non-surgical treatment for bothersome laugh lines and smile lines is laser skin resurfacing. Depending on the laser used, treatment may remove the surface layer of damaged, wrinkled skin or stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. Either way, the result is a noticeable improvement in the texture and softness of the skin.

Surgical Treatment for Laugh Lines

For deep, prominent facial folds and creases, facelift surgery may be the more appropriate solution. During the procedure, Dr. Alghoul lifts and tightens the deep facial tissues and removes excess skin from the middle and lower regions of the face; then, he re-drapes the skin more smoothly over the face. Because it is more comprehensive in nature, facelift surgery is recommended when laugh lines and smile lines are combined with other signs of aging, such as jowls and significant laxity of the skin.

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