Blepharoplasty: Anatomy, Planning, Techniques, and Safety

Commentary on: Bilayered Structure of the Superficial Facial Fascia

Eyelid Reconstruction

Eyelid Reconstruction

Identifying Aesthetically Appealing Upper Eyelid Topographic Proportions

Lower Eyelid Reconstruction: A New Classification Incorporating the Vertical Dimension

Intraoperative Nerve Blocks Fail to Improve Quality of Recovery after Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction: A Prospective, Double-Blinded, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

Retaining Ligaments of the Face: Review of Anatomy and Clinical Applications

Comparison of Efficacy and Complications Among Various Spacer Grafts in the Treatment of Lower Eyelid Retraction: A Systematic Review

Discussion: Subbrow Blepharoplasty Combined with Periorbital Muscle Manipulation for Periorbital Rejuvenation in Asian Women

Relationship of the Zygomatic Facial Nerve to the Retaining Ligaments of the Face: The Sub-SMAS Danger Zone

Postoperative temporal hollowing: Is there a surgical approach that prevents this complication? A systematic review and anatomic illustration