Eyelid Repairs

Eyelid repair is a procedure that involves repairing a complication after cosmetic eyelid surgery or fixing the position of the eyelid relationship to the eye. The eyeball has to remain moist and this moisture is provided by a tear film that forms over the eye. It is critical that both the upper and lower lid are in a good position and close properly in order to maintain the needed moisture environment of the eye.

Prior lower eyelid surgery may cause excessive scarring of the lid and distort the shape of the eye. As the scar tissue pulls the lid down, it exposes the white under the eye and causes unnatural rounding of the lower lid corner. In more severe cases the lid shows the inside red lining. These changes are known as either lower lid retraction or ectropion, depending on the severity. In addition to being aesthetically unpleasing, lower lid ectropion causes functional problems like inability to completely close the eye, tearing and irritation.

Top-Rated Amman Eyelid Surgeon Dr. Alghoul Explains Eyelid Repair Surgery

To repair a lower lid ectropion and restore the natural shape of the eye, the scar tissue has to be completely released to elevate the lid to its normal position, and the lid needs to be fixed and tightened using specialized sutures. Sometimes, skin or cartilage grafts are used to give the lid additional support and prevent scar tissue from pulling the lid down again. Additionally, a midface lift is needed to support the lower lid. 

Dr. Alghoul uses very specialized and detailed techniques to repair eyelid complications. Depending on the complexity of the repair, additional surgery may be recommended to refine the cosmetic results.

Eyelid Reconstruction

Removal of skin cancer or a mole on the eyelid requires closure of the resulting defect to preserve the function and appearance of the eye. Dr. Alghoul uses the knowledge and skills acquired during his oculoplastic training to meticulously repair or rebuild the missing segments of the eyelid. Cancer excision is frequently performed by a dermatologic surgeon using Mohs surgery. The repair is performed immediately after the excision. Depending on the size of the defect, a flap, graft or eyelid shaping procedure may be required.

What does surgery involve?

The eyelid is a delicate yet very complex and unique structure. Reconstructing or repairing an eyelid defect after skin cancer removal or trauma requires very specialized techniques. The complexity of the repair depends on the location of the defect and the amount of tissue missing. Small defects can be directly closed. Larger defects often need burrowing tissue from adjacent areas.

What to Expect

Surgery is usually performed on the same day of cancer removal under local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the repair. Sometimes a staged approach is required, in which case a second operation is performed in two to three weeks. Generally, swelling and bruising are to be expected in the first two weeks of surgery. Lubricating eye drops and ointment are used in the first few weeks.

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