What is the best breast reconstruction option?

What is the best breast reconstruction option? A difficult decision that faces a breast cancer patient who is interested in breast restoration is determining the type of surgery and the type of reconstruction. These two are usually related as the type of mastectomy: total or partial, one side or both sides, determines the available options for breast reconstruction. During consultation I am often asked about the best breast reconstruction option and my answer always is: the best option is the one that preserves the breast! Despite advancement and refinement of surgical techniques, a reconstructed breast may look identical and sometimes… Continue Reading →

Post-Mastectomy/Lumpectomy and Breast Reconstruction Care

Mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries are not only about surviving but thriving and making the most of your new start. Just like after any other surgery, patients can find themselves with a number of musculoskeletal changes that they are unfamiliar with. Changes can include loss of shoulder range of motion, muscle tightness, scar/implant discomfort, back or neck pain, muscle weakness, discomfort with laying on their side or increased swelling into the arms. A physical therapist can help safely and effectively assist you to regain shoulder and neck motion, provide scar mobilization to decrease adhesions or pulling, provide a gradual and… Continue Reading →