How To Get Rid of Laugh Lines

Facial skin rejuvenation in Amman, Jordan

Laugh lines are symbols of life’s happiest memories. But as they deepen over time, these pesky creases may make you look older or sadder than you really are. There is no harm in wanting to minimize the wrinkles and age more gracefully. Dr. Mohammed Alghoul offers treatments to help you do just that.

What To Expect After Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) in Amman, Jordan

Eyelid surgery is a common cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of aging, tired-looking eyes. For some patients, the procedure also restores vision impaired by loose, sagging eyelid skin. If you are considering eyelid surgery, you are probably curious about what to expect during the recovery period. Although every patient recovers slightly differently, there are some universal aftereffects and a general recovery timeline. Read on as Dr. Mohammed Alghoul shares an overview of what happens after eyelid surgery.

Benefits of PRP

PRP Treatment in Amman, Jordan

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is one of the most exciting anti-aging solutions available today. The non-surgical treatment has garnered a lot of attention for its ability to naturally rejuvenate skin and lessen noticeable signs of aging. Read on as Dr. Mohammed Alghoul suggests why you might consider trying PRP.

Lifted Cheeks for a Slimmer Facial Profile

Lifted Cheeks

Are you tired of relying on make-up products or Instagram filters to camouflage paunchy or sagging cheeks? Do you wish you could magically lift and sculpt your cheeks for a slimmer facial profile? Dr. Mohammed Alghoul offers several different treatment solutions that do not involve contouring or filtering your facial appearance. Using state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Alghoul can treat your fleshy, heavy cheeks, giving you the slender facial appearance you desire. Read on as the trusted plastic surgeon reveals his favorite techniques.

Are You a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty Candidacy

Few procedures affect your facial appearance as much as rhinoplasty. Improving the size, shape and/or features of your nose can dramatically change your facial expression and boost your confidence. If you are interested in rhinoplasty with Dr. Mohammed Alghoul, you will need to meet a certain set of criteria to qualify for surgery. Read on as Dr. Alghoul walks you through some of the factors he considers when evaluating someone for rhinoplasty.

Facts About Facelift Recovery

Facelift Recovery

If you are planning to undergo facelift, it is important to understand what you can expect not only from the procedure but also from the recovery. Dr. Mohammed Alghoul will spend a lot of time with you, educating you about the recovery period and answering all of your questions. Here, Dr. Alghoul reveals some of the most important facts about facelift recovery.

How to Minimize Scarring After Surgery

Minimizing plastic surgery scars Amman, Jordan

As a trusted plastic surgeon in Amman, Jordan, Dr. Mohammed Alghoul is skilled at choosing the particular surgical technique that will minimize scarring for your cosmetic procedure. Key to that is carefully planning how many incisions will need to be made, and where they will be located. The process requires artistry, experience and precision. Care at Home Dr. Alghoul will work closely with you to understand your preferences for placement and number of incisions. Once the surgery is over, there are things you yourself can do to speed the healing and ensure that any scars will be minimal in appearance…. Continue Reading →

Bags Under Your Eyes? Causes and Treatments to Reduce Under-Eye Bags

Causes & solutions for under-eye bags Amman, Jordan

Some of the signs of aging can give us a look of wisdom, authority and dignity. Bags under the eyes aren’t in that category — they simply make us look tired. The first thing to know about under-eye bags is that over-the-counter creams and ointments aren’t an effective way to improve their appearance. These products do not treat the underlying structural issues that cause sagging, thinning and discoloration under the eyes. Trusted Amman, Jordan plastic surgeon Mohammed Alghoul, M.D. can recommend a number of highly effective cosmetic procedures that will turn your look of exhaustion into one of exhilaration. Baggy… Continue Reading →

Is Your Skin Care Routine Working Against You?

The best skin care routine for you Amman, Jordan

When it comes to optimal skin care, less is more. That is why Dr. Mohammed Alghoul, a trusted plastic surgeon in Amman, Jordan, recommends a clean look that accentuates your natural beauty. In pursuit of that goal, your daily skin care regimen should feature a limited number of products that are chosen with the specific characteristics of your skin in mind — products that will enhance your look, rather than hide it under layers of creams, powders and ointments. It is tempting to try every new product and put every new advertising claim to the test. But the result of… Continue Reading →

Are Cheap Sunglasses Bad for Your Eyes?

Cheap sunglasses & eye health Amman, Jordan

Most of us already know how important it is to protect our skin from the power of the sun. The effects of damage from ultraviolet solar rays are obvious: dry, wrinkled skin, sun spots, and in too many cases, skin cancer. Experienced Amman, Jordan plastic surgeon Mohammed Alghoul, M.D. reminds you that your eyes are much more sensitive than your skin, and need a level of protection at least as strong as the sunscreen you use daily. Given these facts, it’s clear that sunglasses should be an indispensable daytime fashion accessory for everyone. And it’s also clear that when it… Continue Reading →