Who is a good candidate for necklift?

The best candidates for necklift are healthy individuals with loss of neckline definition due to skin laxity, fat deposits and/or formation of platysmal bands with redundant skin in the central area below the chin.

Necklift alone is a popular procedure among men who have redundant skin in the neck area and do not desire tightening of their facial skin.

What is a “platysmal band”?

The platysma is a sheet-like muscle that spans the neck. Adhesions between the edges of the muscle and the skin result in vertical bands that form in the central area of the neck. These bands are known as platysmal bands. A properly performed necklift should treat the bands and smooth the surface of the neck. Tightening the neck muscle helps restore a youthful neckline.

What to Expect

Necklift is performed as an outpatient procedure, often under general anesthesia. If the degree of improvement desired is minimal, then local anesthesia with sedation can be considered. Sometimes a drain is placed and removed the following day.

You can engage in light activity starting the day after surgery. Return to normal activity and exercise may take one to two weeks. Minimal bruising and swelling are expected after surgery and usually resolve within a week.

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