This contributes to the unmasking and deepening of facial lines and grooves. Fat grafting to the face has to be done meticulously in small volumes and to certain areas. It can be performed separately or combined with other facial procedures like facelift and lower eyelid lift.

The Benefits of Fat Grafting

Hypoallergenic. Because fat grafting only uses your own body fat, the procedure is completely hypoallergenic. This eliminates some of the risks and potential complications that are associated with other fillers, including the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Minimally invasive. All surgical procedures involve incisions and scars. However, the injection points used for fat grafting are minimal and much smaller in comparison to the incisions necessary for placing breast or facial implants. Liposuction incisions are also very small and strategically placed for minimal visibility.

Natural-looking results. Our face is made of tight fat compartments with known and predictable locations. Filling the fat compartments with fat replaces what is lost and therefore keeps the results natural. In other words, fat is injected where it belongs. Different type of fat are injected depending on the size of the particle; larger particles as in milli fat are used for structural purposes to enhance the projection of the cheeks and the jawline, while smaller particles as in micro fat are used for more superficial injections and they also have a stem cell effect that helps repair and improve the quality of the skin.

Quick results. People with multiple problem areas can enjoy faster results from fat grafting. With multiple procedures, you must wait until you are healed from the first procedure before undergoing the next. Imagine achieving a slimmer abdomen and fuller, youthful face — at the same time!

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