The cause of capsular contracture remains largely unknown. It can, however, be caused by bleeding after surgery, bacterial contamination and silicone leak from ruptured implants. Problems with implant position are caused by a breast pocket that is too tight or too big. Patients often present with what’s commonly known as a “double bubble” appearance or a “waterfall” breast deformity; both are simply caused by alteration of the harmonious relationship between the breast tissue and the implant.

In the absence of complications, the augmented breast will also change with time, especially with pregnancy and breastfeeding. With aging, the skin stretches, and the breast tissue loses its support and starts sagging (along with nipple) over the implant. As a result, the augmented breast loses its round, harmonious shape, and the nipple is no longer centered over the implant.


During consultation, a thorough breast evaluation will be performed to determine the underlying cause of the breast deformity or undesired shape. Several components will be analyzed, including the breast size and shape, the status of the breast tissue and skin, nipple position and desired volume. It is very helpful to bring to your first visit any information you have on previous operations and the type and size of the current breast implant. This information is usually available on the card that was provided to you with the first operation. Surgery will be planned to best fit your needs and achieve the desired goals.

What does “breast repair” surgery involve?

There are a wide variety of surgical techniques used in breast repairs. Surgery will almost always involve removal of the old implants and part of or the entire capsule surrounding it. The old implant pocket will be left unchanged, altered or moved to a different location. Depending on the patient’s desire, a new implant may be placed. The type and style of the new implants may be similar to or different from the old implants, depending on the desired look. If breast and nipple sagging have occurred, breast lift is performed at the same time.

What to Expect

Depending on the extent of surgery, it is performed under general or local anesthesia with sedation as an outpatient procedure. The use of a drain may be needed in breast revision surgery.  You may engage in light activity the day following surgery. Return to normal activity, including work, may take another week. This, however, may vary depending on the type of surgery. Post-operative breast swelling is normal and to be expected. It gradually resolves over a few weeks. Results are long lasting; however, your breast tissue will continue to change over time in relationship to the implant.

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