Is a facelift still a good option versus non-surgical technology?

Facial aging is a natural process. You can slow the clock, but you can never stop it. We all age at a different pace depending on our genes, bone structure and other environmental influences like sun exposure and smoking. People spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic products, facial creams, fillers, and laser treatments to maintain a youthful look. Now these are all good strategies that I routinely use in my practice. They definitely have a role in facial rejuvenation. However, non-invasive methods still have their limitations. The technology is definitely improving but it’s not perfect yet. What patients are usually… Continue Reading →

Who is a candidate for cosmetic eyelid surgery?

You can usually tell someone’s age from his or her eyes. We all start noticing changes in our eyes in the mid thirties. This is when the crow’s feet appear, the upper lid skin starts slightly hanging over the crease, the lower lid fat starts bulging and the area between the lower lid and the upper cheek starts hollowing. These changes, although subtle, they progress as we get older. Obviously we don’t all age the same way or to the same degree. For example, those of us who are blessed with nice cheekbones maintain a more youthful look of their… Continue Reading →