Can I Get Pregnant after Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover is a plastic surgery treatment designed to reverse the cosmetic effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some mothers who are interested in having a mommy makeover still plan on having more children. Understandably, these women want to know whether it is safe to do so. In this blog post, Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Mohammed Alghoul discusses this topic in detail.

Safe But Not Recommended

Physically, women can still bear children after mommy makeover. Mommy makeover procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck and lift surgeries don’t affect a woman’s ability to conceive, and breast augmentation and breast lift rarely affect a woman’s milk ducts and her ability to breastfeed. However, there is one major drawback: pregnancy can reverse the effects of mommy makeover surgery. For instance, weight gain from pregnancy stretches out the breast tissue and causes the skin to become lax and, ultimately, to sag. Pregnancy can also stretch out tightened abdominal skin and re-damage repaired abdominal muscles.

Dr. Alghoul’s Recommendation

Dr. Alghoul recommends his patients wait to have mommy makeover until they are finished having children. If you do choose to get pregnant after your mommy makeover, it is recommended you wait to do so until your body is fully healed from the procedure. The general recommended wait time to undergo mommy makeover after pregnancy is six months after you have weaned your last baby. However, bear in mind that it may take up to a year for your body to heal from mommy makeover (i.e., for incisional scars to heal, breasts to settle into place and residual swelling to dissipate). Not waiting a sufficient amount of time after having children can sabotage your mommy makeover results.

Planning Your Mommy Makeover

Throughout his career, Dr. Alghoul has helped many women reach their mommy makeover goals. The experienced doctor will meet with you to discuss your aesthetic concerns and examine your anatomy. Dr. Alghoul will use this information to design a customized treatment plan that best achieves your desired outcome.

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