Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction: What you need to know

Recently, women undergoing mastectomy for treatment of breast cancer and interested in reconstruction are being presented with a new approach, Pre-pectoral breast reconstruction. What does it mean? How is it different? and who is a good candidate? Let’s take a step back and explain what does a mastectomy involve?  Simply put, the breast tissue and fat inside the breast are carved out and the skin is preserved. An implant is used to fill in this  space and restore the breast mound. Traditionally, implants were placed in a pocket created completely under the chest wall  muscle, also known as the pectoralis… Continue Reading →

Featured Procedure of the Month of April

Fat Grafting to the Face Fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that restores the youthful volume and contour to the eyes and face. Our face is made of fat compartments that are responsible for its shape and contour. As we age, we lose some of this fat and as a result our faces become deflated and loose projection. Volume loss is one of the stigmata of facial aging and it affects several areas of the face. Areas where the facial volume and fat dissipates include: Cheek, Temple, area around the eyes, area around the mouth, and Jaw line. To… Continue Reading →