Arm Lift Candidates

Patients that are candidates for an arm lift in Amman tend to have excess, flabby skin that hangs from their arms. The ideal patient will be close to their preferred weight and have a minimal amount of arm fat.

How Long Will My Arm Lift Results Last?

The results of an arm lift can last for many years if the patient does not gain weight. As people age they tend to lose skin elasticity, but most of the improvements should remain. After the procedure, Dr. Alghoul will discuss tips on how to maintain your new look.

Where is the incision placed and how do the scars heal?

Dr. Alghoul uses a combination of two locations on the arm to hide the scar behind the arm and on the insed surface. Scars are typically the main challenge of this operation as thay can be visible and may become think. Therefore, scar management after surgery is paramount.

What to Expect

Arm lift is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia depending on whether it is combined with other procedures. Drains are placed — one in each arm — and are removed when the output is below 30 ml in 24 hours. The arms are usually placed in a compressive dressing wrap immediately after surgery for approximately three days, after which the dressing is removed and the surgical incision inspected. Heavy lifting and excessive arm elevation is to be avoided during the first two weeks of surgery. The scar is usually noticeable and is thick and pink initially; however, it improves in appearance as it matures over several months.

Contact Dr. Alghoul

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