This contributes to the unmasking and deepening of facial lines and grooves. Fat grafting to the face has to be done meticulously in small volumes and to certain areas. It can be performed separately or combined with other facial procedures like facelift and lower eyelid lift.

Facial Implants

While fat grafting is indicated for facial volume enhancement in areas where fat is naturally present, facial implants are used to augment the face in areas where bone projection is lacking. Dr. Mohammed Alghoul uses porous surgical implants to augment the chin and bony rim under the eye.

Some patients have lack of bony support under the eyes, which makes them more prone to having prominent eyes and accentuates the appearance of bags and grooves under the eye. Using specialized facial implants that are specifically designed for placement under the eye provides additional support for the soft tissue and reduces the perception of prominent eyes. The implants are placed through incisions that are hidden under the lash line or on the inside of the eyelid.

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